Apple Valley Gallery

Apple Valley Gallery Space

16020 Cedar Ave S | Apple Valley, MN


The space next door to our South Metro Hideaway shop serves as a gallery for artists and entrepreneurs to host shows, pop-up shops, and other miscellaneous events! Check out our Facebook page to stay up-to-date on future events.


If you are interested in exhibiting in this space, please see the form below.




Individuals or groups interested in holding exhibitions in the gallery must submit an application for review by management and the curation committee.


Applications must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the proposed date(s). Please complete the form below. We will promptly contact you with our decision and to finalize future plans.



AV Gallery Submission
This form serves as the official application for any request to host an event or exhibit at Hideaway 2. Please note: this is an application for exhibition only, it does not guarantee acceptance and does not constitute an invitation to exhibit nor confirmation of exhibit.
Please list a website and/or social media pages where we can take a peek at your work. Please type as follows: (Instagram/Facebook/Twitter:) @handlename |
Example: January 1st, or Feburary 8th
Example: June 1st - 15th, or July 2nd - 13th
All terms must be agreed to before further review of application. In completing this application, I acknowledge the above terms.